Engelsk B-A

Modul 1: War, but Who Is the Enemy?

In this module you cover the subject (emne) war. In the first text you are introduced to personal apects of war seen from the point of view of a homecoming WW 2-soldier and in the second text inconvenient truths in war are discussed.

Modul 2: Imperialism and Rulers with Disobedient Subjects

 The subject "Imperialism and Rulers with Disobedient Subjects" offers an insight into the cross cultural experience.

This module offers a conceptual framework that may help you to analyze and interpret literature, fiction or non-fiction, that deals with colonial or postcolonial issues as its subject matter.

Modul 3: Skriftlig eksamensopgave

 I modul 3 skal du besvare en hel skriftlig eksamensopgave.

Modul 4: Great Speeches, Dubliners and Ireland

In this module you cover two subjects. In Subject 3: Great Speeches you listen to some famous speeches delivered at crucial moments in our recent history. And in Subject 4: Dubliners and Ireland the universe of Irish writer James Joyce unfolds, as you study two short stories by the author. You practice listening to the speeches and to a news item of your own choice.

Modul 5: A) Aboriginals: Homeless Natives and B) Is English an Invasive Language?

In this module you cover two subjects. In subject 5 "Aboriginals; Homeless Natives", you'll deepen your knowledge of the Australian Aboriginals, reading factual texts and watching the critically acclaimed movie The Rabbit Proof Fence. Furthermore, you will learn some adjectives useful for characterization. "Is English an Invasive Language?" focuses on the role of English in the world today. You will gain insight into this subject by reading a number of factual texts and a poem.

Modul 6: New Journalism + Shakespeare and Gender

In this module you are asked to devote your time to New Journalism. What writing-techniques characterize New Journalism and how would you use them yourself? 

 And spend time with William Shakespeare. How does gender play a role in two of his most famous plays, and what characterizes a modern discussion of Shakespeare's attitude to women?

Modul 7: Poetry and Literary Quality

In this module you will meet bad and good poetry. Furthermore you are supposed to practice how to construct and practically use speaking notes for your presentation at the oral examination.

Modul 8: Skriftlig eksamensopgave

 I modul 8 skal du besvare en hel skriftlig eksamensopgave.